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Who that? Who that? It’s J Cole back at it again with the flame. Lately J Cole has been keeping it lowkey but has finally come out of hiding with a secret to tell. He’s back out with a new album and he didn’t keep his fans waiting long for he announced April 16 th that his new coming album would be released April 20th. The name of the new album is ,KOD, which has three meanings consisting of Kids on Drugs, Kids Overdosed, and Kill our Demons. “The rest of the album I leave to your interpretation”, Cole stated. April 16 th the rapper hosted an exclusive secret listening party for his fans in New York where he played the album in full. Fans found out about the secret session through Cole’s tweet and gathered out front of the Gramercy Theatre. Only about two to six hundred lucky fans were able to gain access inside and before fully entering the theater fans were told to lock up their phones, but that didn’t stop us from getting the tea. The album is set to have ten to twelve tracks. Details of the new album were told to be kept in secret so the rest of us will have to determine how we feel Friday April 20th , but J Cole has never been the one to disappoint. Little information that was shared by fans was the explanation of the album title. Cole had explained that Kids on drugs did not refer to only recreational drugs, but prescription drugs given to children for use instead of expressing their personal issues. The rapper had also expressed that he was happy to see black men making money, but will soon go downhill if they keep doing lean and Xanax pills. He also mentioned that he has a song dedicated to his mother, one for the smokers, and touched on the issues of tax dollars and role models.

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