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Compton, also known as Hub City to its natives is a gritty city plagued with gang violence of all creeds but few colors. Through perseverance and sheer determination to be on top rises Armand Douglas also known as "AD". Making his way threw the ranks of west coast rap legends AD delivers a tough flow on every track that matches the city he carries on his back. Dropping his first EP " Welcome to ComptonFornia" back in 2013 with hit single "Break you off" you got a taste of that west coast house party type feel that had every party lit. Now 2015 and with the release of his latest mixtape "Blue:89" you'll catch a more lyrical AD and ferocious verses and beats combined that'll paint the picture of his story so be on the look out for compton's very on AD.  

Be sure to check him out and get "Blue:89" now on iTunes

Twitter: @iitsAD Instagram: @iitsAD


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