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Lance Gipson

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When hearing New Jersey one can usually only think about either Jersey Shore, Atlantic City or even the New Jersey Devils,well let us help you add to that list meet HeartFelt Music's very own Thomas Goodwin also known as TDOT ILLDUDE. TDOT, Once a battle rapper in his younger years along with being apart of local group Frontline with childhood friend, business partner, and now star producer Cardiak. The group gained a heavy name on east coast underground music. TDOT who has now emerged as a force to be reckoned, credited as being a singer/songwriter has been making noise with his hit single "Feeling...


Lance Gipson

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Compton, also known as Hub City to its natives is a gritty city plagued with gang violence of all creeds but few colors. Through perseverance and sheer determination to be on top rises Armand Douglas also known as "AD". Making his way threw the ranks of west coast rap legends AD delivers a tough flow on every track that matches the city he carries on his back. Dropping his first EP " Welcome to ComptonFornia" back in 2013 with hit single "Break you off" you got a taste of that west coast house party type feel that had every party...