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When hearing New Jersey one can usually only think about either Jersey Shore, Atlantic City or even the New Jersey Devils,well let us help you add to that list meet HeartFelt Music's very own Thomas Goodwin also known as TDOT ILLDUDE. TDOT, Once a battle rapper in his younger years along with being apart of local group Frontline with childhood friend, business partner, and now star producer Cardiak. The group gained a heavy name on east coast underground music. TDOT who has now emerged as a force to be reckoned, credited as being a singer/songwriter has been making noise with his hit single "Feeling Myself" which has swept across the nation and into your ears playing on radio stations coast to coast. With him working on his individual work and with HeartFelt Music, which discovers young songwriters and producers and puts them up for collaborations, has been the talk in the industry for awhile and though it is still a growing company I feel soon we will all see this company come to rise with the big dogs. Remember, every big thing has a small beginning and with a bright future ahead for this rising star we can only sit back and watch greatness unfold, am I wrong? 

Be sure to check out TDOT ILLDUDE's music at DOTSQUIAT.COM on at soundcloud at along with his social medias Twitter:Dotsquiat


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